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SEMPAC Open-Pak™ Products

SEMPAC’s “Open-Pak”™ packages meet the latest JEDEC outline & footprint standards and are available in QFN, QFP, SOIC and SSOP architectures. Our SSOP & SOIC packages come in a heat enhanced version, for those applications which require thermal dissipation, and are performance comparable to ceramic, however, at much lower costs.

These packages afford customers a means for streamlining their testing and further reduce costs by designing and developing their devices in a high volume production configuration.

Open-Pak™ QFN
Open-Pak™ QFP
Open-Pak™ SOIC
Open-Pak™ SSOP

Our “Open-Pak”™ packages are designed from semiconductor- grade plastic materials and are also available as RoHS compliant which utilizes specially formulated molding compounds. Our leadframes are copper based alloys which are gold ( Au )plated to military standards. Other finishes available are nickel palladium ( Ni/ Pd )and nickel, palladium, gold, ( Ni/Pd/Au ) both of which are wire bondable but are more cost effective for production requirements. These finishes also eliminate the possibilities for “whiskers” which is problematic in the Tin ( Sn ) and Tin-Lead ( SnPb ) finishes.

Open-Pak™ Packages

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